Lockdown Activities: Baking!

Hey guys!!

I’ve finally finished my first year of uni! I’ve got two weeks to relax before I begin a 6 week placement, all very exciting!

I thought I’d share with you today what treats I’ve been baking with my sister during lockdown.

It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth and that baking is one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve typically been baking treats every couple weeks, varying between cakes, cookies, other treats.


My birthday cake

For my birthday I chose to make an orange and white chocolate cake topped with mini eggs and white kinder bueno. I used a BBC good food recipe to make this. It was delicious, super moist and yummy! The topping of course was delicious

For my mums birthday I made a lemon drizzle loaf cake, which I unfortunately don’t have a photo of. Again another BBC good food recipe and a firm family favourite. Went down a treat, light, fluffy and we’ll received.

Mother’s Day Cake

For Mothers Day I used a BBC good food recipe to make a classic Victoria sandwich. Delightfully light and fluffy paired with Morrisons Jam. A delicious classic that went down a treat!


Salted Caramel Cupcakes
Salted Caramel Cupcakes

These salted caramel cupcakes are probably my favourite of all the things I’ve baked. Super sweet, delicious light and fluffy take topped with yummy toffee sauce and toffee pieces. This bake was actually a set from Sainsbury’s, such good value I would definitely repurchase!

Carrot Cupcakes

These cupcakes were another delicious set but this time from Betty Crocker, we also used Betty Crocker icing . We added a little bit of mixed spice and some crushed walnuts. The flavour of these cupcakes are amazing, while maintaining the light texture! The icing compliments the cake so well, tying it together into the perfect cakey treat.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another BBC good food recipe provided me with the tools to give bens cookies a run for its money! These gooey wonders were best warm but still delicious the next day. Simple recipe to give a great reward.

Other Treats:

Chocolate Brownies

I love brownies and Betty Crocker makes some of the best! Super easy to make and bake. The result is gooey chocolate heaven! The triple chocolate is enough to satisfy all cravings… or amplify them!

Easter Nests

The total classic!! Easter nests made with shredded wheat, a controversial topic but the only way to do it in my house! You guessed it, BBC good food provided me with the recipe once again. A delicious crunchy treat topped with mini eggs… which are the BEST! Also, you’re lying if you don’t eat the warm mixture before making the nests!

And that’s it so far! Let me know if you liked this post and if you want to see more of what I bake in the future, I’m certainly not stopping!

Hope you’re all well

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

Laroc Pro Bakery Box

Hey guys!

I’m back again as promised!

During lockdown I may or may not have been doing some online shopping… and it may have lead me to purchase another makeup palette!

Laroc Pro Bakery Box Eyeshadow Palette

I treated myself to the Laroc Pro Bakery Box. I had my eye on it for a while and finally decided to pull the plug and treat myself to it. I am after wall working hard for my exams, (or that’s how I justified it)!

I thought I would include my swatches and initial opinions on the palette and I will update you again once I fully get to try this baby out!

Laroc Pro Bakery Box Eyeshadow Palette

Let’s start with the left hand side of the palette.

Now these colours are VIBRANT! Lots of beautiful coral colours perfect for the summer. The shimmer shades are so buttery and smooth, glide on without tugging and are super pigmented!

The two coral shades at the top will make perfect base colours and useful for blending out.

The browns and deeper reds will be perfect for deepening the look.

Let’s take a peek at the right hand side.

Less vibrant on this side, meaning you can create a softer more natural look with the browns and rose-gold shimmer tones.

Each shade is so well pigmented, soft and easily swatched. Transpiring onto the eye I can imagine that it won’t tug or pull the eye and the colour payoff will be immense!

Can’t wait to try out a multitude of looks with these, from bright corals, to reds and neutral.

Like the rest of the palette these highlights shades are buttery and creamy, glide on well and colour pay-off is fantastic.

I have in fact used these highlight shades and they are GORGEOUS! Beautiful colours with the most immense sheen. Can be used in one swipe for a more subtle look or layered for a bright blinding highlight.

Overall, I am in total love with this palette, can’t wait to try it out and put it to the test. You can of course count on me to report on it’s full capability, so keep your eyes peeled!

That’s all from me

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x

Where have I been?

Wow, I have been on a HUUUGE hiatus. I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to!

The answer is UNI! I can’t lie, since I last posted in January I fell into a bit of a writing hole. I didn’t want to ramble and post about anything interested and then it was such a long time since I wrote anything and I got myself anxious about starting up again!

But here goes a fresh start, it’s currently the 5th of May and I’ve been at home in lockdown for the last 6, almost 7 weeks! I was absolutely gutted about having to leave Uni abruptly, I didn’t get to say proper goodbyes and farewells to the people I had grown so close to and I didn’t get to finish my fresher year with a BANG! I also missed out on the cheer trip to Italy, corona cancelled it and likewise with our final cheer competition of the year.

I am however a 2020/2021 Freshers Captain and the 2020/2021 Cheerleading Competition Organiser for the team! So there’s a positive thing to look forward to after lockdown!

I won’t lie lockdown uni is hard, online lectures aren’t the same and some are barely being recorded. I’m grateful though to have my own space in the house to try and focus and a family who support me endlessly (I don’t know how they’re coping… revision is making me crazy)! My exams begin next week and then finish in 3 weeks, I’m very much looking forward to a break!

How am I coping each day? It varies, I try to regiment an hours walk each day after revision, it helps to clear my head and de stress me from the day. I also list a few things to achieve in the day but listen to my head, if I’m not coping then it’s time for a break or to call it quits until tomorrow. You have to remember these aren’t usual circumstances and most likely you won’t be working to the same standard, (this is what my mum reminds me when I’m having a meltdown)!

I’m looking forward to a nice rest after exams, where I can take each day slowly, have more lie ins and extra time for workouts and just existing without a trillion thoughts running through my brain.

However if you know me you know I can’t sit still for long! I do have a 6 week placement in a pharmacy starting at the beginning of June. Pharmacies are desperate for students at the moment, so like many of my course mates I will be heading out onto the front line to do my bit. I am slightly scared about the possibilities of doing this, but I’m leaving this worry for now, it is a future Niamh problem.

What else can I catch you up on? Lockdown has me baking lots, currently working on a cake a week premise, which my family are thoroughly enjoying. Trying to keep up my fitness with at home workouts but not pushing it. I’m also trying to improve my flexibility, I especially want to be able to do the splits before the end of the summer!

Wow this has been a rambly post but it feels good to blog again! Let me know what your lockdown life has got you up to and if you have any plans for it! I am going to work on blogging and writing more often again!

That’s all for now,

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x

NYC Shopping Haul

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve had a fab week! Exams are almost over for me, thank goodness!

Thought this week I’d share what I bought in NYC. Now bare in mind it isn’t much because we went to sightsee not shop; but I had been given some spending money for Christmas and had my eye on a few things!

The biggest purchase I made was a pair of trainers. Shoe shops in America just out do the ones in the U.K. I was so impressed with the variety of shoes and styles they had; some I have never even seen before! In the end I settled on a pair of Nike 97 trainers that were in the sale.

How beautiful are these! Quite out there, but so my style, loud and in your face ahha! My mum said they remind her of cheer shoes, and well they have my cheer team colours… blue and yellow! My favourite bit is the bright yellow laces.

Then onto Ulta , we had to walk more than 20 blocks out of our way to get to an Ulta store (my parents weren’t best pleased), my sister and I had so much fun looking at all the makeup, brands we can’t get over here! Although the queue was horrendously long, after about 30 mins we checked out.

I of course had to buy more colourpop makeup, I had this palette in mind before we even touched ground on USA soil!

I mean just look at those swatches! The colours are dreamy, swatched so nicely and chocked full of glitter… right up my street!

I also picked up a Colourpop gloss in ‘Champagne Miami’ and the Physicians Formula butter bronzer. Only when we got back to the UK I found out that Physicians Formula had arrived in Boots, can’t wait to find more gems and try this brand out more!

I’ve been loving the bronzer, it makes your skin look so airbrushed and naturally glowy, I LOVE IT!

All in all, a successful shopping trip. Might have to do an online Colourpop order soon, I just LOVE their stuff, can’t get enough!

I did also buy, 2 big packs of jolly rancher hard candy and 2 boxes of rainbow nerds!

What’s your favourite American beauty brand?

See ya laters

Niamh 😉 x

Travel Diaries: New York Edition

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all well, I am back at Uni now for exams… AHHH! Thought I would cheer myself up and take my mind off things by writing about my trip to New York over Christmas with my family!

We flew out on on the morning of Christmas Eve, we were super lucky because we were upgraded to business class because Dad had lots of flyer miles. Business class was such an experience; seats that turned to beds; proper food that actually tasted nice; duvet’s and blankets for a proper sleep; washbag full of goodies; lovely crew on hand to bring you lots of snacks! Honestly it was incredible, talk about a good start to a once in a lifetime trip!!

We landed and got to our hotel in the early evening, because we were all so shattered from travelling, we all had a little wander round Times Square before grabbing hot dogs and pretzels and heading to bed.

Waking up on Christmas in a hotel room was odd, but Santa brought us all matching Christmas pj’s and Terry’s chocolate orange, which was perfect. Mum had quite the plan for our Christmas day, we were first headed up to the Top of the Rock aka The Rockefeller Centre. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny blue skies that made the perfect photo! It really was surreal looking down on Manhattan, some of the skyscrapers were not even that far below where we were stood! We got the most perfect view of the Empire State Building too.

After the Rockefeller Centre, we walked through the city to Central Park, with the perfect weather it was so lovely to wander through the park and see the various buskers and famous sites within.

Then it was time for Christmas lunch, a little different to what we were used to but equally as yummy. We ate at Toni Di Napoli’s and had an italian buffet style dinner; caprese salad; fresh buffalo mozzarella; spaghetti and meatballs; Ravioli; and sorbet. We were stuffed after! Still feeling a bit jet lagged and very full from dinner, we went back to the hotel for a quick rest before the evenings activities.

In the evening we went to the Empire State Building to get a view of the city at night. The queues were quite long but definitely worth the wait.

It was so amazing to see the city all lit up, all the individual lights of the many many skyscrapers.

Boxing Day we were up early because we had to catch the ferry over to Liberty Island .

It was so incredible to see it up close and learn all about it. I would 100% recommend the audio guides because you can pick and choose the bits of information to hear about, gives you a different perspective of it all!

You could also get a fantastic view back on Manhattan.

The ferry then took us over to Ellis Island where we got to explore more of New York’s history, it was so interesting to learn about how Ellis Island worked and what happened there, again the audio guides were well worth it. Also got to see my relatives name on the board!

When the ferry dropped us back onto the mainland we did a walking tour to see some more of the sights. On our walk we visited; Wall Street; New York Stock Exhange; 9/11 Memorial.

After our long walk we headed back to the Hotel before heading out later that night to a fab Mexican restaurant .

On the 27th we set to do the 9/11 Memorial Museum, it was a powerful experience, so many emotions, but well worth the trip. It was fascinating to look into the history step by step and see the individual items and stories left behind, very moving.

After paying our respects we set off on more walking. We saw the famous Macy’s Building; Flat Iron Building; Madison Square Park; Washington Square Park; Friends Building; and the Highline Walk.

Tired out from all our walking (again) we headed back to the hotel before exploring Times Square again to find dinner later that evening, which was delicious Dim Sum!

28th marked another day of Mum’s fabulous walking tours. Beginning at Bryant Park we explored the Christmas stalls and watched an impromptu ice skating performance on the rink by a figure skater who was amazing! We then moved onto the New York Library which was spectacular, so ornate!

Next stop Grand Central Terminal which reminded me of the many films it’s featured in, especially Madagascar! Then onto the Chrysler Building and the UN building which were both spectacular.

Then we looped back to Saks on 5th Avenue to see the fabulous window displays. Along this street we saw St Patrick’s Cathedral and many more extravagant window displays in all the posh shops. 

Next up was Bloomingdales which had the best decoration inside, a star sign theme of display models all dressed ornately. We saw the Guggenheim Museum (from the outside), then headed back to the hotel once again tired out from all the walking (sense a theme yet?).

29th Marked our last full day in New York, we headed over on the subway to Brooklyn. We explored the DUMBO district and it’s little shops before heading to the banks to get some photos of the two bridges. The architecture was truly amazing, the bridges were so impressive.

We then had famous Brooklyn pizza at Grimaldi’s, which was absolutely delicious, so I can definitely understand the hype! The pizzas were huge and tasted soooo fresh!

After fuelling up we did the busy walk across Brooklyn Bridge, which was certainly impressive, the architecture up close was even better!

To finish our spectacular trip in the best way, we had tickets for the Rockettes show at Radio City and if you’re going at Christmas this show is a must watch! So so incredible, the dancers and the dancing was stunning, an absolute hit,. The dance routines were so impressive it took your breath away!

The 30th was departure day, we said our goodbyes to New York and taxied to the airport. We were once again upgraded to business as there were lots of spare seats, the Christmas magic was still working hard! We were able to sleep through the flight to try and avoid jet lag as much as possible which was the absolute best.

In summary, the absolute trip of a lifetime in which I enjoyed every single second. So many precious memories with my family made that I’ll treasure forever. Honestly, I would give up Christmas presents every year to just make memories, experiences are better than material things in my eyes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recount and if you’re planning a visit that it helps you decide where to go. I love writing posts like these to look back on later on, to reminisce.

That’s all for this week,

See ya laters,

Niamhy 😉 x

2019 Roundup!

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all well, long time no see!

I found it hard these last few months to be inspired to write something and I didn’t want to put up a post for the sake of writing one, cause that’s just not me!

I do however want to start the new year fresh and become inspired to write again and to hopefully pick back up the momentum that I lost.

To start the year off I thought I would reflect upon 2019, the year that passed, to share my highlights, lowlights and goals for moving forward into 2020.

What did I learn in 2019??

  • I learnt that relationships and friendships are two sided, if effort is only being put in from your end, it’s not a true or fair situation.
  • I learnt that sometimes it’s ok to remove people from your life, if their impact is negative and it only brings you down why would you want that negativity in your life? Sometimes you just have to prioritise yourself and your happiness, and that’s perfectly ok!
  • I learnt about compromises, small things you can do to adapt to make a situation or relationship better. Its all about give and take, but remember, it has to be from both sides!
  • I learnt about independence and how to be happy and self-fulfilled without relying on someone or something else to feel that.
  • Most importantly I learnt to be unapologetically me.
  • 2019 was a real learning curve for me, yet I feel as though I have come out of it the strongest, happiest version of myself and I hope to keep this up for 2020!
  • My 2019 Highlights:
    • Seeing Cirque du Soleil live with my family
      The thoughtful flowers and card from my Mum to cheer me up when I was down.
      Family trip to lanzarote
      Seeing Troye Sivan live
      Getting white Air Force (and them still being white at the end of the year)!
      My 18th birthday spent with family going up the Shard and to a cool cocktail bar in London.
      The thoughtful birthday present from my sister, a box full of my favourite things.
      The Easter egg hunt my mum made for me.
      Family trip to Skipton
      Finishing my A-levels with the support of my amazing family and friends
      Taking my Nanny to botanical gardens in Cambridge
      2 weeks in Kefalonia with the family, seeing all the sights!
      Packing up my stuff for uni and all the ikea trips with mum
      Trip to London with my Mum, Sis and Grandma for the Christian Dior exhibition.
      Last afternoon Tea with the girls before Uni!
      Lush Cambridge Halloween Bloggers event with my bestie
      Trip to the Zoo with my bestie before I left
      Caras 16th Birthday
      Moving to Bath Uni!
      Freshers week with my new flat mates
      Joining cheer and loving every session!
      Loving my course and my course mates
      Dressing up for lots of silly nights out.
      Family visiting me for the weekend and being a tourist in my new city.
      The JeffreeStarxShaneDawson collab.
      Both Rec Cheer performances
      New York at Christmas with the family

    Now I know that’s a lot of highlights and I don’t expect everyone to read them all and care particularly, it’s just nice to have a space to write my favourite memories to look back on.

    I don’t want to write my lowlights because I don’t particularly feel like remembering them and looking back on them. Each lowlight is a learning curve and I look at them as a lesson to teach me how to deal with new situations and to move on to become a better person.

    2020 Hopes and Goals:

    • To be more healthy; drink more water, eat better, keep up the good work with the gym and cheer and eat less rubbish!
    • To focus more on studies
    • To spend less time on my phone/social media and more time on being present in the moment.
    • Keep up my good skincare routine
    • Stop hoarding and buy less
    • Improve in cheer!
    • Keep up the positive energy
    • HAVE FUN
  • Fingers crossed I’ll stick to these, I’ll probably slip up now and again, but it’s ok to treat yourself to things!
  • I’m interested to know your goals for the new year, share them below!
  • But that’s all for now, I’ll be back soon… hopefully!
  • See ya laters
  • Niamhy 🙂 x
  • JeffreexShane Collab

    Hey guys!

    Hope you’re all well! Sorry for my absence recently, I haven’t been inspired to write any posts and don’t want to write a post for the sake of it!

    This week I wanted to share the beauty that is JeffreexShane collab… yess I managed to get ahold of some of it!

    It was an absolute nightmare trying to get hold of it, Morphe sold out in MINUTES! Beauty bay kept kicking me out of the checkout queue, I was soooo stressed out! Eventually after half an hour when I’d lost all hope I had received a confirmation email… miracle! Butttt doom soon set in as I realised I had been charged twice. Then spent ages on the phone to my bank trying to sort it all out.

    Anyway, ordered on the Friday and my haul arrived on the Tuesday, so super speedy!

    I ordered the mini controversy £28, the gloss £16 and the liquid lip in are you filming? £16.

    Let’s talk about the palette… I’m in love! While the colour story might be odd to some, I see so many possible BEAUTIFUL combinations, blue, purple, burgundy, neutral to name a few.

    The swatches, first in daylight then under flash. You can see the quality of the shadows so clearly in these pictures, one swipe gives you all that pigment! The shadows are just so creamy and apply so seamlessly to the eye, it makes doing your makeup a dream! The colours also blend effortlessly together and create such beautiful looks. I’m so excited to continue playing with this palette, I plan to post lots of the eye looks that I come up with to share with you all!

    I haven’t tried Jeffree’s liquid lip formula before but I am impressed! It dries down to such a comfortable matte, which doesn’t transfer. Do you know how nice it is to wear a red lip that doesn’t end up smeared all over your face… it’s brilliant!

    As for the gloss, it’s AMAZING, it makes your lips look so insanely juicy. The gloss isn’t sticky or tacky, it’s comfortable and long lasting. Also, the diet root beer scent is actually really yummy!

    On the whole I love wholeheartedly each item I bought and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to buy the controversy palette when it restocks in 2020.

    Did you get anything from the launch? If so what do you think, do you love it? If you didn’t manage to get anything, what are you hoping to get when it all restocks?

    That’s all for now,

    See ya laters

    Niamh 🙂 x

    L’Oréal Face Mask Review!

    Hey guys,

    Hope you’re all having a good weekend, I made my own version of a roast today and ate 9 Yorkshire’s so I’m living my best life.

    This week I thought I’d share the face mask I’ve been looooving for when my skin is being problematic.

    These L’Oréal face mask pots while slightly more expensive, turn out to be good value for money as you can get so many applications out of them. They say 10 but I reckon you could definitely get more out! 

    This mask in particular targets dull , congested skin. It works best if you apply then wet the face to remove, so you can scrub the skin properly to make good use of the texture of the face mask to get the dirt out of your pores. 

    I tend to apply then leave on for a good half an hour, (longer than you’re meant to…oops). Then use hot water and a flannel to remove.

    The face mask costs £7.99 but honestly it’s so worth the money, I can’t recommend it enough. I am 100% gonna continue to buy these pots and defo want to try out the other types in the range. You could even go as far as targeting different areas of the face with the different masks.

    Let me know if you’ve tried any of the other masks in the range and what you think of them!

    That’s all for this week

    See ya laters

    Niamhy 😉

    Freshers Essentials!

    Hey guys!

    Hope you’ve all had a great week, I had my first proper week of lectures; although the eased us in and things will really heat up next week!

    Anyway I thought it would be fun to share a list of things that I could not be living without as a fresher!


    Outfits for freshers themes – don’t be the person who doesn’t bother to dress up, pop down to your local pound store or search eBay and guaranteed you’ll find what you need for any theme!

    Alcohol/drinks – this is a given for freshers week, I bought quite a few bottles to make them last through the week so I wouldn’t have to spend the loan quite so quick. Make sure you don’t turn up to pre’s empty handed!! Shot glasses are also very popular!

    Bumbag – I used this every time I went out, it was so convenient to keep track of your bank cards, ID, phone and keys without risk of them falling out of pockets! Also, way better than a handbag as it’s physically strapped to you so you can’t lose it!

    Room decoration:

    Photos – I have tons of photos in my room, all my noticeboards and spare wall space as covered in Polaroid’s and printed photos of my favourite memories and favourite people. I also have quite a few framed pictures of my family. I find it gives my room a more homely feel and I don’t feel like I’m separated from everyone!

    Fairy lights – an obvious one but gives the room such a nice ambience and again makes it feel like home. I’ve got two sets, one round my desk and the other by my bed, it’s nice to get cosy with the lights on!

    Home comforts – for me this was cute duvet sets, cushions, blankets and my teddies. It makes my bed such a cosy, homey place to crawl into at the end of the day. Also gives the room less of a hotel room look!

    Plants – I filled my room with lots of cacti and succulents and I love it, gives me something to look after and once again makes my room feel like home.


    Storage – this helps to keep my room tidy. On my desk I’ve got various bits of storage to file paper, hold pens and keep those odd bits and bobs tidy. (Drawing pins are a MUST)! Also, because I’ve got a lot of makeup and skincare, a fair few of my shelves have storage specifically for that, and drawer organisers have been a lifesaver for me! Storage stops your tiny room becoming a complete and utter mess, so it’s still liveable!

    Stationary – feel like this is probably an obvious one, but know how you may want to note take before you go so you can prepare yourself. I personally look at the slides on my laptop and take notes on my iPad because that works best for me (my handwriting is so messy), but if you need paper… STOCK UP!

    Be prepared and organised – keep note of the tasks assigned to you and keep on top of them, you’re paying to be there after all! It can also be helpful to read over slides and lectures before going so you’ve got an idea of what’s about to be thrown at you (literally)!


    MEAL PREP – can’t stress this enough, meal prepping will save you. My freezer is stocked full of bolognaise, pasta sauce, pre-made meatballs etc… I’m sorted! It makes cooking super easy after a long day.

    Easy dinners – having things like fish fingers, chicken goujons, steak pie and quiches etc in the freezer make dinners so easy as there’s hardly any effort involved… just whack it in the oven!!

    Big food shops – doing a big food shop once in a while will save you, no long trek’s down to the shop to have to heave it all back again (I’ve got a massive hill to contend with)! Online ordering is super easy, I stocked up on pasta, sauces, tins, lots of dry food and freezer food. Also means you can take advantage of those multi buy offers!

    Cook before you’re hungry – this is my biggest downfall, I always wait until I’m starving to start cooking then it takes an age to make and by the time it’s ready I’m HANGRY!

    That’s all I can think of at this point, might do an update in the future as I get better at doing adult life!

    Let me know if you have any good tips as chances are I could use them!!

    See ya laters,

    Niamhy 🙂 x

    Uni – freshers week experience

    Hey guys!

    How’re you? I’m coming at you from a completely different room in a completely different city!

    I am now a student at the University of Bath, wow I still can’t quite believe it. I moved in last weekend and since then it’s been quite a whirlwind!

    Moving weekend was both lovely and hard. It was so nice to meet everyone in my house and get to know them all, but it was also so difficult to say goodbye to my family as we’re all so close, ( I still text them everyday)! I did however, love setting out my room, hanging photos and fairy lights and making it truly feel homely.

    Freshers week has been absolutely brilliant, I have loved getting to know everyone both in my house and on my course, and of course random people that you just bump into and say hi!

    I am fully attacking freshers flu though, I have never felt so ill, I was in bed all day Wednesday with a fever! But slowly through vitamin c and cold and flu tablets I’m tackling it, does help that everyone else is ill too, so I’m not the only one with the dodgy voice!

    I fully dressed up for the events each night, making sure I nailed the theme, I was a leopard, a cheerleader and a hula girl to name a few. Had lots of different club night experiences, scouting for girls, live bands and DJs but the best was truly last nights Toga part with Scott and Chris from BBC Radio 1. As a flat we all dressed in our togas and had so much fun both before and during the toga party, the music was brilliant, they even played Mariah Carey!

    So far the experience has been a bit unreal, like some sort of magical holiday away from home. I’m looking forward now to get into the real swing of things, into 9-6 lectures and learning the content I’m so passionate about! I want to immerse myself in uni life… let’s see how that goes lol. I’m sure the homesickness will settle in now that the constant fun of freshers is over, but I know I’m surrounded by such lovely people who I know will love and care for me! I truly am super lucky with the flat that I’ve got… even if it is almost always close to being burned down !!

    Let me know if you like this uni rambles and if you’d like to hear more about it as I go through the year! I’ve enjoyed writing this and pouring out my heart and my head.

    That’s all for this week!

    See ya laters,

    Niamhy 🙂 x