Affordable drugstore primer!

Hey guys

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week! Mocks are over thank goodness, now just got to wait for the results, eeek!

Anyway, for this week I thought I’d share product review of a drugstore primer, that I’ve been using over the last couple of weeks.

The primer is by the skincare brand Nivea and doubles as a moisturiser/primer.

The primer as it says on the tub is a gel like formula. This means that it’s not thick and creamy and means makeup is more likely to stay put!!

The primer is quite thin and spreads easily onto the face and sinks into the skin very rapidly.

Since using the moisturising primer over the last couple of weeks, I have definitely noticed that my makeup lasts longer and I’m less oily overall.

I would however say, it does not minimise the appearance of pores, so I’m going to have to find something else to tackle that!

Anyway, on the whole I would say for the price I paid (£5.25) this primer does an amazing job! Superdrug often has offers on, meaning that you could get it for even cheaper! An affordable solution to combine priming and moisturising (if you’re lazy like me!)

Anyway, that’s all for this week!

Let me know down below your best and favourite primers!

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x


A free eyeshadow palette?

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week!! First days back at school, college and work, I hope they all went okay!

This week I thought I’d review a free palette I got when I spent over £12 with makeup revolution. They quite often have these deals on in Superdrug and this time it was a good one!

I was a bit skeptical at first, I mean a free palette… what’s the catch?

The free palette- ‘Dragons Heart’ , available to buy for £7. This palette is classed under makeup revolutions ‘character palettes’.

It’s full of many colours I hadn’t yet tried on myself, but, this free palette made for the perfect time to experiment!

The first row of shadows are swatched above, the right in natural daylight and the left under flash.

The second row of shadows are searched above, the right in natural daylight and the left under flash.

The shadows are SUPER creamy and definitely VERY pigmented. The colour pay off is very good, stays true to the colour in the pan. There is a little bit of kickback in the pan, but this doesn’t bother me. There is also fall out on the eyes, but again, easily swiped away and for that colour pay off? I don’t mind at all!!

Overall, a great little palette and amazing for £7… or even for FREE!!

I have absolutely loved playing the different colours and experimenting with reds and purples. My conclusion? Don’t be afraid of colour, do what you want and as James Charles would say, ‘release your inner artist’.

That’s all for this week! If you have any other recommendations for good eyeshadow palettes, let me know!

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x

What I got for Christmas!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a MAGICAL Christmas or holidays if you don’t celebrate! I loved hanging out with my family and eating all the delicious food that my Mum made!

Me being a nosy person I love to see what other people got for Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to share! I am in no way intending offend anyone, or trying to brag.

Maybe this post can be a useful gift guide for others!

I was thoroughly surprised by all my presents! I wasn’t expecting any of them! As I got a new iPhone for Christmas, I was only expecting little gifts, as a new phone is expensive! As it is my Christmas money is going to my parents as contribution!

My Parents and Sister both came together to buy me this dream outfit from Pretty Little Thing! I had it saved in my phone to buy with Christmas money and they sneakily found it! This is the outfit I plan to wear to a Troye Sivan concert in the new one year.

Of course the makeup!! Santa combined with my parents and cousins gifted me lots of makeup goodies! My cousins killed it with the Jeffree Star highlight, contour palette and setting spray! Also love love love the maybelline foundation – stay tuned for a review soon ! The decorated pouch thing is an genius makeup bag, open it up, pop all your makeup in the middle and pull the drawstrings closed. Then it opens up just as you set it out.

The next category is of course skincare! The majority of these items came from Santa, lots of amazing face masks and pore strips! The dark blue packet at the back is head towel, once of the ones that ties up wet hair nicely. The erase your face towel is AMAZING! I won’t spoil anything.. I’ll keep you keen for when I review it ! The little pink cracker peeking through in the corner, was a L’ Occitane goodie cracker from my Grandma! It has 5 mini hand creams and 2 mini lip balms, such a lovely gift, perfect for putting in bags.

Fat face earrings… AMAZING! These both are sterling silver, from my Grandma and Mum. They look super cute put together (I have two lobe piercings) and have not left my ear green! Also, super comfy to sleep in.

We then had a second Christmas at my Nanny’s where we had another roast followed by lots more presents! I am so lucky! She also had presents from my Uncle and Aunt.

From my Nanny, a collection of amazing presents! I am super excited to try the new makeup items and review them! The foodie bits look yum and I can’t wait to try the hot chocolate spoon from Cornwall!

Can you tell I’m a makeup addict yet?? Two gorgeous items from Barry M and a beautiful lipstick on Mac, which I cannot wait to try. Also, a perfect book to tackle the final year of A levels!!

Well that concludes what I got for Christmas. I hope you enjoyed having a little nose into my haul! I want to thank every single person who sent a Christmas card or present, thank you for being so kind and thoughtful!

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Look out in the New Year for lots of new reviews of new products!

Have a great New Years Eve!

See ya laters,

Niamh 🙂 x

Perfect Christmas Red?!

Hey guys

I’m back!! Again I’m so sorry for being so rubbish with the uploads! I’m so busy with college at the moment that by Sunday evenings I’m so rundown!

Determined to give it a better effort with the run up to Christmas! So expect some midweek posts!

Anyway, for this weeks post I thought I’d share my naughty little secret… a perfect red Christmassy lipstick for just 90p!!!

The primark lustre lipsticks I’ve mentioned before in a blogpost.. but I just had to talk about them again after discovering this beauty!

For 90p you can buy this Christmas red to sleighhh the festive season! (I’m so cringey ahhh)

It swatches and wears just beautifully. It’s quite a bright red, rather than a muted wine colour. However it’s not an orange red, so totally appropriate for this season!

The primark lipstick (top), is shown here with the Rimmel Kate Moss 107, (a classic burgundy red liptsick), and MAC Ruby Woo (a bright red stable), is shown bottom.

From these swatches you can see that the primark lipstick is a mix of a bright red lip and a wine colour lip! Totally different from what I already had!

I’ve loved wearing this lipstick on top of a red liner! Be careful though, it does have a tendency to migrate a bit around your face! But for 90p who’s complaining, the pigmentation is amazing!!

Overall, I am just loving these primark lipsticks and probably won’t stop until I have them all!

That’s all for now,

See you laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

MASQD Beauty Sponge, Worth it?

Hi guys!

I’m back, finally! Hope you’ve all had a brilliant couple of weeks. I’ve had lots of time to rest and recover… before mocks in January… A Levels are hard!

Anyway, this week I thought I’d review yet another drugstore beauty sponge. There seems to be a never ending supply of different types!

This sponge in particular is by the brand MASQD and retails for £5.00 in boots.

It has a double ended shape, so you could argue you are getting two sponges in one! I’ve enjoyed using one end for foundation and concealer, and the other to press on powder!

The size difference between dry and wet is quite impressive! Definitely a big sponge that can cover a large area.

However, I did find that it soaked up a large amount of product. A lot more than my regular sponge does, this was disappointing. But, with powder, this isn’t a problem, so I have loved using it for this!!

To summarise, a good sized sponge with double ends to multitask and give a good even coverage. However, it does soak a fair amount of product up.

That’s all for this week! Hit the like button if you like these honest reviews and I’ll know to keep them up! Let me know in the comments what your favourite beauty sponge is!

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x

Superdrug’s Own Skincare?!

Hey guys!

Hope you had a great week! Been exhausted with work, as per usual!

Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Superdrug’s own range of skincare ‘naturally radiant’.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying out the following two products, ‘ glycolic overnight peel’ and ‘brightening hot cloth cleanser’.

The glycolic acid peel has definitely surprised me! I didn’t quite expect the results I got! My face has completely broken out, as the peel is bringing to the surface the blemishes lying underneath. Hopefully after a few more weeks, my skin will clear and the differences will be more noticeable!

So far, it seems to be doing its job of clearing out my pores and my skin on the whole. I will try to update you all in a few weeks time!

As for the hot cloth cleanser, I’ve been loving this! Such a pleasant way to take your makeup off, and much better than using and throwing away lots of cotton pads! It’s super easy to use and I find my makeup melts straight off… including mascara, it’s a miracle!!! It’s gentle on the skin, doesn’t cause any irritation in me and leaves my skin feeling so super soft. The included cloth is incredible for the price, not harsh and scratchy at all.

I can honestly say that I’ve been loving using this product, I’ve been reaching for it it over my micellar water!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll update you guys in about a months time, because it’s all about long term results with skincare..! Just thought I’d share my initial thoughts.

Both of these products are from superdrug and retail for £5.99 each, but superdrug is often doing offers where you can save ££!

Let me know what skincare products you’ve been loving lately in the comments!

That’s all for this week,

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all enjoying Halloween, I’ve had such a fun evening dressing up with my friend and answering the door to all the cute little trick or treaters!

Now we’re watching Halloween movies and eating my halloween treats!

I followed Zoe Sugg’s recipe to create these Rice Krispie pumpkins!

The recipe was so easy to follow! Just a little intricate and time consuming!

First of all, you combine the marshmallows with the butter and melt it down!

Then mix in the Rice Krispies (this took a while)!

Allow the mixture to cool before shaping into little balls and refrigerate until solid.

While they’re in the fridge, take the black icing and roll it out. You wanna cut out and create your pumpkin faces!

To stick the faces on, wet the backs of the shapes and stick them on!

There you have it! Cute little Halloween pumpkins!

Let me know if you recreate these another time, and I hope you’ve all had a spookily fun evening!

See ya laters,

Niamhy x

90p Lipstick?!

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve had a brilliant week!

Today I thought I’d share with you a trio from Primark that I’ve been obsessing over recently, it creates the perfect lip look!

To create the perfect nude lip, I use the following three products from Primark: Berry Tastic Lip Scrub; PS… Lustre lipstick in ‘Velvet Touch’; and PS… Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Taupe’.

I have been loving this lip scrub to make my lips super smooth! It makes liquid lips go on better, making sure not to pick up any dry patches! It smells like berry sherbet, one of my favourite sweets!

The lipliner is your perfect nude, you can slightly over line your lips no problem! It glides on easily and smoothly, without tugging at the lips.

This lipstick is 90p! 90 whole pence, not even a pound! For 90p it is incredible! It’s not matte, it’s a lustre finish which gives you a glossy sheen that’s not tacky. Your hair won’t stick to it in the wind, thank goodness! The colour payoff is incredible and sits smoothly on the lips without drying them out! A perfect lipstick for an incredible price!

Here are the swatches of the two, they work perfectly together! But the liner will also work really well with most nude shades (for a pound it’s very versatile)!

Overall, I think these products are incredible, £2.50 for the scrup, £1 for the liner and 90p for the lipstick! How could you possibly say no, you could try a variety of shades and step out of your comfort zone without breaking the bank!

Let me know in the comments what other Primark Beauty products are good, I’ve heard the powder works as a dupe of Mac Studio Finish!

That’s all for this week,

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x

New Makeup Obsession !!

Hey guys!

Apologies it’s been a while!! Mid way through my last year at college and it’s been crazy trying to get my ucas form ready! I’m almost there now, just the last little bits!!

Anyway, this week I thought I’d share the beauty of the new Makeup Obsession items I bought!

I saw them posted on the boots Instagram page and just had to go into store to swatch them for myself! I was truly amazed by it!

Let’s dive in.

This lip trio is a part of the Obsession x Belle Jordan collection. I’ll admit I don’t know who Belle is but she’s killed it!

I was a bit surprised when I discovered that there was only one lipgloss out of three! Maybe I just didn’t read the box correctly, I’m sure it branded it as lipglosses though!

Anyway, the trio contains two matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss. Top down you have ‘ditzy’, a peachy pale gloss, ‘wishes’ peachy pink liquid lip and ‘ever after’ pale tan liquid lip.

The gloss is gorgeous! A lovely cute colour for a more subtle look, or a perfect topper. The two liquid lipsticks are your classic perfect nudes for lighter skin tones. The only downside is that they can be quite drying and ball up after a while.

Overall, a bargain for just £6 ! Thoroughly enjoy wearing them and they are perfect shades for me!

This is the ‘committed highlight palette’, a beauty in the shiny form. I’ll admit I have a bit of an addiction to buying highlighter, but it’s just sooo pretty!

Would you just look at that pigment! One finger swipe creates that, the payoff on your cheek too, is blinding! Now I can just get away with the first 3, (I’m a pale gal), the bronze however, IS BEAUTIFUL ON THE EYES! For a quick eyeshadow look, bronzer in the crease, bronze highlighter all over the lid, pop of the white in the inner corner, perfect! I have just been living for that eye look and these highlighters recently, I just cannot put it down!!

Again for £6, why wouldn’t you buy it!!!!

I would really love to check out more of makeup obsession’s makeup as I was thoroughly impressed by these items!

That’s all for this week!

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

Spooky Halloween Nails!

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week, it started quite hot and now we seem to be into the typical chilly autumn days, I’m kind of loving it!

October is definitely one of my favourite months, I mean who doesn’t love Halloween?!

For this weeks post I thought I’d write a sort of step by step to how I created my spooky Halloween nails!

Now bear with me, I did finish them and think, damn this would make a good post! Sooo, I didn’t take step by step pics, BUT, I’ve recreated them cleverly 😉 !

I started off with a base coat (superdrug ridge filling base coat), then applied two coats of Barry M’s classic black nail varnish.

Once this had dried, I selected my largest spotting tool and dipped it into my Barry M Gelly white nail varnish. I then simply dotted it onto the nail, where I wanted the eyes to be and left them to dry.

Picking a slightly smaller dotting tool, a dipped into my coloured nail paints, which were all Barry M classic coloured polishes. Again, very simply dot the colour on top of the white dots.

Lastly, I selected my smallest dotting tool, dipped it back into the black Barry M polish and dotted it on top the coloured dots.

Although it took a while to do (I’m not the best at nails), I topped it off with the Barry M daylight curing topcoat and I was finished!

I really enjoyed varying the colours and creating cute patterns on the nail!

I’m hoping to do more Halloween themed nails, so keep an eye out!

Let me know what you think down below!! I’d also love to see your Halloween creations, make sure to tag me!

See ya laters

Niamhy 😉 x