My current skincare routine!

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!

I thought this week I’d share the products I’ve been using daily to create my in-depth skincare routine. I won’t lie there are quite a few steps!


I start off by washing my face with the Body Shop Tea Tree foaming face wash, followed by the Tea Tree Toner on a cotton pad, which I swipe over my face to fully cleanse the skin!

Next I take the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot treatment and apply it to any problem areas. Them I use the Superdrug own brand vitamin c serum and dropper it onto my face, I then use my hands to massage it in.

Probably my favourite step is the Superdrug own brand vitamin E face mist. Something about misting your face is just incredible… I LOVE IT! Leaves your skin feeling quenched.

I moisturise with the Neutrogena Visibly Clear pink grapefruit oil free moisturiser, this moisturises my skin without leaving it excessively oily!

The most important step is SPF, I use the simple factor 30 SPF to ensure my skin is protected from the sun… don’t wanna be getting wrinkles now!!

The last of my routine is lip balm and I quite often rotate which ones I’m using at the moment I’m loving the body shop raspberry lip balm!

And that’s it, that’s all I do in the morning to prep my skin for the day! It sounds quite lengthy but normally I can get it done in under 10 minutes!


It’s normally a bit shorter because by that time I’m so tired I just want to collapse in bed.

I start off in the shower with the Superdrug naturally radiant brightening hot cloth cleanser, I play all over the face and use the accompanying cloth to wipe away the days make up. Sometimes I use my electric face brush to really get in there.

I don’t use that Garnier skin active pure active gel face wash to cleanse my skin, I simply apply to the face and then wash off again.

Once out of the shower give my face a once over with the Garnier micellar water to just read my skin any impurities and get off the pesky mascara that didn’t come off the first time round.

Then I hop into bed and first apply my Olay anti wrinkle eye gel followed by my Nivea night cream and a lip balm of choice, at the moment it’s the Vaseline aloe vera one. Sometimes I like to finish off the night with a bit of Bio oil but this is normally only twice a week.

A simple yet effective night time routine!

Weekly Extras:

Once a week I like to do a face mask this is either a packet mask from Superdrug, or my elf bubble mask, or my L’Oreal pure clay mask, depending on what my skin is like that week. I also love the Superdrug Teatree pore strips to really cleanse my nose.

Twice a week I like to scrub my face after washing it in the shower, I tend to use either the Nip and Fab teen skin pore blaster, or the Garnier skin active pure active Three-In-One.

And if my skin is really being a pain I’ll apply TCP and a cotton bud to particular problem areas.

And there you have it, my entire skincare routine of the moment! Let me know what your favourite skincare bits are, as I am looking to try out new things before heading off to uni in September!

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x


The makeup I brought on holiday!

Hey guys!!

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous week! Let me know what your up to on the comments!

But I thought it would be interesting to share with you all the makeup I packed for a two week holiday under the HOT Greek sun!!

First up eyes; I packed 2 eyeshadow palettes, 4 pairs of lashes (+glue), 2 colourpop shadows, a mascara, an eyeliner, eyebrow pomade, eyebrow pencil and brow gel!

I wanted to give myself variety to create different eye looks each night depending on which outfit I was wearing!! I’m also super excited to try out the revolution renaissance flick liner!! As for lashes, I couldn’t just leave any of them behind!!!!

For face; I kept it simple and brought one of each… that is apart from highlight of course!! I’ve taken the elf primer, Nivea primer and garnier bb cream.

No word of a lie, I was sat writing and scheduling this post and looked at the photo to realise… I HADNT PACKED CONCEALER! Lucky I spotted it in time as I was able to run down and slip it into the case! The one and only collection lasting perfection concealer.

Anyway, back to what I packed; Rimmel stay matte powder, maybelline fit me powder, obsession loose powder, rimmel bronzer, L’Oréal peach blush, Tarte pro glow to go, revolution contour palette and becca highlight!

Just my normal makeup staples for what I love to use daily! Didn’t wanna go overboard, after all we have a weight limit!!

Finally, lips: maybelline liner, primark liner, lanolips ointment, colourpop so juicy gloss, Tarte h2o gloss, soap and glory gloss, Rimmel plain gloss, Sephora liquid lip, colourpop x Kathleen lights liquid lip and primark lip crayon.

Again, packed many different lip options and just couldn’t hold back on the lipgloss!! So many different juicy colours that’ll look great with the holiday glow!!

That’s all I packed!! The eyeshadow palettes, colourpop shadows and Tarte/becca highlights I packed in bubble wrap, to keep them safe, (can’t say if they survived yet as I’m scheduling but fingers crossed)!!!

Hope you enjoyed the little insight into what I packed!! Is this too much? What do you reckon, let me know down in the comments!

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

What’s in my hand luggage!

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well!! Hope you’re all enjoying the first week of the summer holidays.

Thought I’d share with you what I packed in my hand luggage when I flew on holiday.

I normally take a see through bag that doubles up as a beach/pool bag. It’s not the most practical as it’s a one shoulder bag so can get quite heavy !! I wanted to keep my Polaroid safe so decided to put it in hand luggage. We ended up having enough room in the case so the makeup brushes went in! Everyone knows you can’t to fly without sweets, so obviously I had to bring tangfastics along !

Safe to say… I pack quiiiiteee a lot for my flights. What can I say… I want to make sure I have everything to be comfortable on the plane!

I take my handbag that I’ll use on holiday and fill it with stuff I need for easy access, so my sunnies, phone, purse, tissues and mirror! All the general handbag things!

Next up electronics, I’ve got my headphones, on ear and in ear, portable charger, main plug and various cables to charge my phone etc! I keep that all in a separate little bag to help separate things out!

For this bag I keep other bots, two other pairs of sunnies, some tablets for pain and travel sickness, eye mask and ear plugs, hairbrush and Instax film.

I also packed in here my selfie light and kindle last minute!

That’s all I packed, trust me the bag is packed tight and heavy, but I definitely feel like I’ve got everything I need!

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

Soap Brows?!

Hey guys!!

Hope you’re all doing great, it’s now the summer holidays for most people!

I ended up taking an impromptu time out again last week, it was my friends 18th birthday dinner and I wanted to fully enjoy it!! It was such a gorgeous meal, we went to a fancy rooftop restaurant and had such good food!!

Anyway for this week I thought I’d jump on the soap brow bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about!

So while I was in Morrison’s with my Mum doing the weekly food shop, I saw all the bars of soap and it triggered me to want to try the latest trend!! This pears soap is clear, so won’t make your brows grey and it was only 37p!!!!!! I just had to give it a go.

So the idea is that you slightly wet the bar of soap and use a spoolie to brush the wet soap through your brows so it acts as like a brow setting agent, so I did exactly that.

My natural brows are quite unruly, I have long brow hairs that have a mind of their own! They quite often curl out of the brow shape, so I was hoping this soap brow would prevent this!

I spritzed the soap with a bit of setting spray to suds up, I then swiped my spoolie in it and then brushed through my brows, making sure it was evenly and heavily coated.

Once the soap had dried down my brows felt set, they did not feel like they were going ANYWHERE. They felt hard and set in place, now because the soap was clear, it didn’t change the colour of my brows.

Now I won’t lie… I have done soap brows a handful of times now on my no makeup days, as it keeps my brows set and looking good.

Honestly a slightly bizarre trend, but one I actually love and unashamed to say I’m wearing it quite a lot !

Anyway that’s all for this week and I hope you enjoyed the insight into this weird trend; why not give it a go, you might love it as much as I have!

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

June favourites!

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve all had a great week, I’ve been loving working at my job. Is it even work if you love doing it?!

Anyway since we are now into the month of July (can you even believe it), I thought I’d share my favourites from the month of June. I’ve included a range of things from skincare to food and makeup to body care.

Anyway… let’s dive in.

First up: Bodycare

I’ve been trying to be mindful of the products I’m using on my skin, especially deodorants as I know ingredients like alcohol and aluminium can cause serious health problems. I’ve tried a few 0 % aluminium deodorants but this one in particular by sanex is the only one I’ve got on with. It has a nice smell and a good wear time, unlike others which haven’t stood the test of the summer heat! It’s pretty cheap too and widely available, so I would totally recommend switching out your old deodorant and giving this one a go!

When washing my body in the shower I love a good fun scent and I’ve been obsessing over this refreshers shower gel by Imperial Leather. Who wouldn’t wanna pay a pound to smell like a sherbet lemon treat!!! Would totally recommend, they also have some delicious fruit scents among other fun ones, give it a go!

Finally body cream, I love champneys body creams because they’re so thick and luxurious. While you do pay more for these tubs, I don’t mind it. It leaves my skin so fully nourished and super soft. This scent in particular is dreamy and just sets you in the perfect mood for bed.

Next up: Skincare

I’ve been really trying to improve my skincare routine and have been loving the effects of using these products regularly. The clay mask is absolutely great, I just apply to my t-zone and it really helps to minimise blemishes and get rid of excess oil. Similarly, the nip and fab pore scrub really does help to reduce the look of pores and the overall oiliness of the skin.

However, because I have combo skin, I have to make sure I still moisturise. I’ve been loving using this serum and spray one after the other each morning to reintroduce my skins glow. The vitamin c serum has really improved my skins overall look and makes it look so shiny and fresh, similarly the vitamin e spray makes my skin look so healthy and glowy.

My favourite of favourites: Makeup

While during summer months I like to keep my makeup simple and glowy and these three products have been essential for this. I’ve raved about the setting spray in my last post, so check it out for a full in depth review. But it just helps to melt all your makeup together and keep it looking like skin. The lanolips lip ointment just hydrated the lips so well and makes them look so juicy (almost glossy). It keeps the lips from drying out in the hot weather. Last, but not least, the Tarte h20 lipgloss, I LOVE THIS! It gives the lips such a full pigment, high shine gloss, the colour is pink with shifts of gold and just looks incredible. It isn’t too tacky either!

Most importantly: Food

Not much for food, but I’ve recently discovered these beauties and safe to say… I’m obsessed! If you love Milkybar you should definitely give these a try, they’re just irresistible !!!

That’s all for my favourites, let me know down below what you loved through the month of June!!

See you laters

Niamhy 😉 x

£5 Magic Setting Spray?!

Hey guys,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and have been enjoying the lovely weather! I’m so thankful that it’s no longer raining; the sunshine is just what I needed to lift my spirits up!

I’m still feeling so shattered after finishing all my exams and emotionally I’ve just been a bit all over the place, but I’m really hoping that once I fully settle down into relaxation, that it will all sort itself out and I’ll be back to me again!

Anyway this week I thought I would rave about a £5 makeup finishing spray that I have just been loving recently, in the warmer weather.

I bought the elf ‘matte magic mist and set’ setting spray after reading lots of good reviews online, making me want to try it for myself. I wanted to find a setting spray that I love, that was fairly cheap, as I tend to go through a lot due to me just loving misting things onto my face.

The elf spray spray is a fine mist, rather than chunky heavy spray which I find is both calming and cooling. The area the spray covers is great and I find 2-3 mists do the whole of my face.

I find while it does set my make up down matte which is what I want it, yet still gives that fresh skin look and doesn’t make your make up look thick and cakey as some sprays can do. It settles into the skin nicely and makes your makeup look smooth and like actual skin.

After a full days wear in the sun and intense heat, my make up is still looking good and fresh, having not settled in any places, oh and also my highlight looks popping still!

Overall for the price I would totally recommend it and if you don’t like the matte finish to your makeup, they have other variations which are also well recommended through online reviews! If you give this one a go, let me know what you think down below; also if you have any other setting spray recommendations let me know, I love to test out new products!!

That’s all for this week,

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

Colourpop ‘Sweet Talk’ Eye Look

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all having a lovely week! I’m down to my last 2 exams, 1 on Monday and the final one on Wednesday; I can’t wait to get out and enjoy life again!!

This week I thought I’d post an eye look that I created using the Colourpop ‘Sweet Talk’ eyeshadow palette, (click to last weeks post to see the haul)!

As with all my eye looks that I post! I’ll take you through step by step and include pictures along the way. Don’t be alarmed that the shadows looks weird or funny, you’ve got to trust the process as it all pulls together in the end!

To start with I blended ‘Catch Me’ across the lid to set the concealer, I then took Meadow and blended it through the crease as a starting colour.

I then deepened the crease colour with ‘Dream Maker’, using light circular motions to buff the two colours together.

Focusing the shade ‘ICYMI’ on the inner and outer corners I then buffed these into the crease. For the outer corner I winged the shade out.

I then further deepened the outer corner and the inner corner (more lightly), with the shade ‘Feel Free’.

I used shade ‘Work it’ to taper the edges of the crease and blend the shadows more smoothly. Then taking a flat brush and some concealer I cut the centre of my lid, ready to lay down some shimmer on top.

For the shimmers I concentrated shade ‘Melody’ on the centre of my lid and used shade ‘Garden Date’ to blend the outer corner and the gold shimmer.

To add a little pop to the centre of the eye, I added a bit of the gold glitter from shade ‘Early Mornin”.

Then to finish the look I added a thin black line, some lashes and mascara. I blended a combination of ‘Dream Maker’ and ‘Meadow’ along the lower lash line to tie the look together. Finally for the inner corner highlight I used shade ‘Side2Side’.

And there you have it! My peachy gold eyeshadow look using the Colourpop Sweet Talk palette. I throughly enjoyed creating this look, Colourpop eyeshadows are so affordable and smooth to blend, I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough! The glitter and shimmer shades are just gorgeous, some are like putty texture, which just adds another element of fun to creating the look.

That’s all for this week though, I hope you enjoyed this little step by step, if you did let me know and I’ll see about creating more!

See ya laters

Niamhy 😉 x

Colourpop Haul!

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve all had a great week! I had 3 exams this week, all of which went ok… I think, only 5 left to go!!

This week I thought I’d share some BEAUTIFUL pictures of the makeup I ordered from Colourpop! I ordered 3 weeks ago today and I received my parcel on Friday. I spent over $50 to get the free international shipping and paid $12 in tax. However, I did order on memorial weekend so I got 30% off… so I ended up paying £53 total including shipping and taxes.

Anyway, lets get into it.

I ordered 7 items total; 2 lipglosses, 1 satin lip, 1 lippie stix, 1 lux lipstick, 1 so juicy gloss, 1 super shock eyeshadow and 1 palette.

The palette I ordered was from Colourpop’s recent spring collection called ‘Sweet Talk’. The colours are a gorgeous mix of coral pinks and browns and there are 12 eyeshadows in total . There are 2 pressed glitter shades and one GORRRRGEOUS duochrome shimmer/metallic.

Under beauty lighting

In daylight

I then of course had to order a lipstick also from the spring collection that would pair BEAUTIFULLY with any eye look from the palette. So I ordered the lux lipstick in shade ‘spring roll’.

The lipstick has super cute stars printed into it… how cute!

Next up the super shock shadow, I already have one of these and love the formula and colour pay off; so knew I had to get one to again, match the eyeshadow palette, I got the shade ‘twitterpated’.

Under beauty lights. (2 glitter shadows from the eyeshadow palette and the super shock shadow).

Under natural light. (2 glitter shadows from the eyeshadow palette and the super shock shadow).

The slightly quirky Colourpop formulas, I wanted to branch out and try new things from Colourpop so grabbed their so juicy lipgloss in ‘all talk’ and the lippie stix in ‘brink’. I’m excited to try these formulas and see how they fair! (Swatches below).

I also picked up 2 ultra glossy lips in the shades ‘Aquarius’ from the Kathleen Lights Collection and ‘Bestie’ from the general collection. Another formula I bought to try is the satin lip formula, I picked up the shade ‘Wish’ from the Colourpop X Delilah Collection. (Swatches below).

Under beauty light. (From top: so juicy gloss ‘All Talk’; ultra gloss ‘Bestie’; ultra gloss ‘Aquarius’; satin lip ‘Wish’; lippie stix ‘Brink’; and Lux Lipstick ‘Spring Roll).

Under natural light. (From top: so juicy gloss ‘All Talk’; ultra gloss ‘Bestie’; ultra gloss ‘Aquarius’; satin lip ‘Wish’; lippie stix ‘Brink’; and Lux Lipstick ‘Spring Roll).

Anndddd that’s it!! That’s all I bought from Colourpop, a little exams are (almost) over treat to myself, a little well done me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the swatches, I cannot wait to try these all out over the next few weeks, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts after thoroughly putting it all to the test.

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see on my blog!

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

Sephora / USA Haul

Hey guys!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week, I had my first exam, (it went well) and am now planning to cram through half term ready to smash the rest of them!

Last week my parents arrived home from Santa Monica, where they’d enjoyed a break from the rainy weather here and while they were out there, they got my sister and I some goodies!

I thought I’d share with you what they bought us, I can’t wait to play with the new makeup! I’ll have to let you know in the following weeks how I get on!

First up is the obligatory American sweets. I LOVE jolly ranchers with my whole heart, hands down the best sweet, would swap them for haribos in a HEARTBEAT. Blue raspberry and green apple are 100% the BEST flavours! Also, some Sour Patch Kids, some Sourfuls Air Heads and some Trolli Sour Bites Crawlers. Can you spot a theme here…gotta love me some sour sweets!

Then of course.. the makeup 😍. My sister and I had been on the Sephora website a few days before they left so we could screenshot some things we liked for them to look for and they found it all!!

I thought I’d go for some brands that aren’t easily available in the UK, so I chose Tarte and Becca. Tarte I have a palette from the last time they went to the US and I know and love the formulas, so it was an easy choice. As for Becca, I’d heard great things about champagne pop so wanted to give it a try!

Just look how dreamy this Tarte palette is, Mum had set us a budget so I chose a smaller palette, but this will be great for travelling as it’s a perfect eye look in 6 shades! Tarte shadows are so pigmented and creamy, when I swatched this I fell in love, just look at those shimmers!

Again, sticking to budget I chose the mini pan size, but same as before, perfect for travelling! This gold shade is beautiful and gives the skin such a gorgeous sheen, I can’t imagine how good it’ll look with a tan!! ((Swatch is below with lipgloss swatch)).

Look at this gloss! A Sephora exclusive it was a must have. I’ve been really into glosses recently and this pink gloss with gold shimmer I thought would be perfect to bring on holiday (can you sense a theme here)? I’m yet to try Tarte’s lipgloss formula but from the swatch is was so pigmented and didn’t feel too sticky! ((Swatch shown below)).

As for the turtle on the lid? Irresistibly cute and will remind me of my tortoise every time I wear it!

Here are the swatches for both the highlighter and lipgloss, both one swipe and shown in daylight. These two paired together with a tan and a soft pink eye… DREAMY! Can’t wait to get on holiday to try it all out. Obviously I’ll be trying and wearing over the next couple of weeks (maybe more once exams are over), so I’ll be sure to post my thoughts!

That’s all for this week, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little haul! I’ve also just done a major sneaky Colourpop haul (couldn’t help myself 30% off)! So, you’ll have that to look forward to when it arrives in a few weeks time, it’s my exams well done present to myself!

See ya laters,

Niamhy 🙂 x

Sienna Fake Tan Review

Hey guys ,

Hope you’re having a lovely week. I’m finally finished with college, now it’s just onto the exams and getting them over and done with. One month from now I will be completely finished, thank goodness for that!

This week I thought I’d give a review of a fake tan I’ve been loving and using lots recently. The weather has been kind of grey recently and I’ve been loving fake tan to give me that bit of glow that everybody needs! There’s nothing like a healthy sunkissed look.

The tan I bought from Amazon for £22 is the Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse. The formula develops, so to achieve your desired shade, keep it on as long as you want!

I tend to apply the tan after my shower, when I’ve cleansed, shaved and scrubbed my body, I then leave it on overnight and wake up in the morning to wash it off. I don’t find the tan transfers onto my bedsheets so it’s perfect for sleeping in! Leaving the tan on for about 8 hours gives you a natural sun kissed glow without looking too obvious!

The colour lasts for a good 7-10 days before it starts to go patchy so is well worth the price!

I’ve used it 3 or 4 times now and the can feels barely used! A little goes a long way, in terms of application, so again work the money!

I’m interested and open to trying new fake tans, especially ones as good as this, but for a fraction of the price, so let me know down below!

That’s all for this week,

See ya laters

Niamhy 🙂 x